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Courage offers a complete bouquet of branding & identity, advertising, media management, public relations and marketing services, effectively addressing all your business-development needs. With experienced professionals engaged in creating newer and better material to further your advertising campaigns, you can be sure that your promotions receive the kind of sensitive and capable handling you want.
Courage offers the following core services:
Corporate Branding & Identity
Your brand is the face of your company; your logo, your signage, your captions, etc. are part of a complex set of items and concepts that form your company's identity. In a rapidly globalising market, appropriate branding and identity can help you compete capably at the global level.
Courage offers comprehensive corporate branding and identity services in a structured and yet creative manner driven by your core offerings and positioning brief. We help you identify your target audiences and then offer you a range of options in terms of strategy, design, content, positioning, architecture, etc., forming an identity that your clients can identify and associate with.
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Courage has been known for its ability to create rich, effective, target-driven and result-oriented advertising in different media. Whether you are looking to create advertisements for hoardings, newspapers, television, public video displays or web sites, Courage has the skills and experience needed to deliver high-quality advertising content that meets your specific needs.
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Interactive Solutions
An involved customer is always an interested customer and a much more likely prospect than someone who just came across your name somewhere but cannot associate it with anything concrete. The Interactive Communications Strategy team at <<Company Name>> is dedicated to create interactive solutions for your web sites, ad campaigns, points of sale, etc., helping you reach out to your target client group more effectively.
Our core focus in our interactive solutions services is on getting the customer to take center stage. With innovating design and representation strategies, we lead users to explore more and more about you, your products and services, and the positive impact these can have on the way they do things today.
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Media Merchandising
Courage prides itself on creating and developing vast resources of digital content, and can help you create your own media library that enhances your brand and corporate identity in all your communications.
Right from media strategy and discussions on core principles to the creation of digital libraries of digital media and content, Courage ensures that all communications emanating from your company is properly structured and follows specified templates and schemes, offering a uniform experience to your clients across the board.
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